You have an idea but you don't have the spare development capacity to test it out. Let us build a Proof of Concept or Minimum Viable Product for you in the Cloud in a compressed time-frame and to budget.

Unlock the value of your Big Data

You have all that data sitting there in your legacy databases. To unlock it's true potential you need to do something with it! Let us help you to formulate a plan that takes advantage of the super-charged cloud tooling that's now available. Then we can put that plan into action for you, pronto.

Build systems that learn

Machine Learning has made some important strides recently and we can help you to add intelligence to your service or product.

How can you leverage the immense potential of Deep Neural Nets to delight your customers?

Let us help you to leverage the transformative power of cloud computing to add value to your business

We are a software consultancy, with the personal touch, that specialises in rapid development of cloud based systems.

We also build tools like GraLE

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"On the cusp of an AI revolution"

Marc Benioff (Salesforce CEO)

We can help you to lead your organisations deep learning strategy

Rapid POC & MVP Development

In 2016 we helped Multicom Paxport, a leader in the leisure travel technology space, to forge a new beginning leveraging Google Cloud Platform.

As well as providing strategic advice, we built an exciting MVP which will form an integral part of Paxport's exciting new commercial vision.

Cloudburst Strategy in Action

Adam has consistently been able to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems on time and to budget. It is a pleasure to work with Cloudburst Strategy.

— Chris Nourse, CTO at Paxport

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