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Grale is an AI powered merchandising tool that helps online travel agents to offer highly targeted upsell recommedations

We are currently looking for 1 or 2 more partners to help shape the product and trial Grale in the real world.

Please get in touch if that sounds interesting to you.


One of the things that we see very much on the consumer research side is how unique each trip can be… There are different personalities, if you will, of a trip, even from one individual. If you’re traveling on business, versus traveling with your girlfriends for a fun weekend, or traveling as a couple with your significant other, there are different sorts of flavors to this travel. And so there are a ton of opportunities for merchandising along those activities or interests. Companies are just maybe starting to scratch the surface of that, but it’s a great opportunity that I’d like to see develop further.

- Carroll Rheem, Principal Analyst at PhoCusWright

What might travel websites do that would make you more likely to purchase an upsell or cross-sell?

It works like this:

  • Grale will ingest your existing objects - your representation of the retail journey (We will do some extra coding for this!)
  • Grale will intelligently augment your basket or itinerary or whatever and turn it into a Trip Profile and a Customer Profile
  • Each step in the retail journey is recorded by Grale with a new version of the Trip Profile
  • Grale will use the details of the existing Trip Profile and Customer Profile to suggest the 1, 2 or 3 upsells that are most likely to be successful
  • Use the recommendations provided by Grale (via a simple REST API) to drive your website and your email campaigns
  • You choose which offers are potentially available and easily add new ones
  • You can add additional context to Grale by uploading arbitrary CSV files
  • You can define new Facts that might be true or false depending on the current trip, the customer or any other context
  • Grale learns - successful conversions mean that Grale gets better at recommending over time

Drastically increase conversion rate by offering just a few highly targeted options instead of many

Offer an intelligent wizard style retail journey that dynamically offers up the next most logical item to be booked

After a booking is completed, send a follow-up email with 1 or 2 genuinely helpful upsell recommendations